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Schellmerÿ – sounds from ancient times

The word Schellmerÿ derives from the ancient Swiss German word "Schellmerei" which is a mischievous deed. We evoke new life into melodies, stories and dances of ancient times through our historical instruments and in their original language.

Most of the songs and dances are from Switzerland and the surrounding countries, dating from the dawn of the Middle Ages to the 18th century.

We usually play on medieval markets, in museums and schools, at marriages, on birthday parties, at festivals and open-airs. We also do medieval dances with the audience or accompany medieval dance groups with our music.

       Jensyts – sinister tales from long forgotten days

As formation "Jensyts" we invite you to our medieval journey with our Swiss tales storyteller Andreas Sommer. Authentic music and heathen legends, newly brewed in a kettle full of magical wisdom, seasoned with  mischief.

We present short sets of tales on medieval markets. With the two stage programs „Totentanz – Memento Mori“ and „Bannkreis – Fama Maleficarum“ we'll shake you to the core.

Sarah Wauquiez Schellmery.jpg

The driving force of the band devotes herself to lost languages, abstract rhythms and inovative song arrangements - former member of folkmetal band Eluveitie.

  • vocals

  • hurdy-gurdy

  • harp

  • flutes

  • shalm

other project:

The connoisseur of ancient woodwind instruments  relentlessly breathes new life into ancient melodies.

  • vocals

  • bagpipes

  • flutes

  • shalm

  • ocarina

  • percussion

other project:

Sonja Wunderlin Schellmery.jpg
Olaf Kirchgraber Schellmery.png

The band's minstrel and rhythm section inspires touching tear jerkers and sweeping rhythms.

  • vocals

  • bouzouki

  • drum

  • mouth harp

  • foot clamp

  • cimbals

other project:

Fotos: Matthias Schaad

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